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Woman sues dentist after 4 root canals, 8 dental crowns and 20 fillings in a single visit

In July 2020, Kathleen Wilson experienced what was supposed to be a routine dental visit, but it turned into a nightmare that led her to file a lawsuit against Dr. Kevin Molldrem of Molldrem Family Dentistry in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Her legal action, lodged in Hennepin County District Court, alleges negligence in treatment that resulted in severe disfigurement and various injuries.

Wilson’s claim asserts that during a single visit, she underwent an extraordinary amount of dental work—four root canals, eight dental crowns, and 20 fillings. These extensive procedures reportedly left her disfigured and in significant distress. The lawsuit further contends that Dr. Molldrem not only provided substandard treatment but also administered an unsafe level of anesthesia, allegedly falsifying medical records to cover up this error.

Dr. Molldrem and his attorney have yet to respond to requests for comment regarding these allegations, as reported by the Star Tribune.

Wilson’s legal team engaged Dr. Avrum Goldstein, a Florida-based dentist, to assess her case. Dr. Goldstein’s expert opinion, detailed in a report dated November 14, highlighted multiple breaches in the standard duty of care during Wilson’s treatment.

According to Dr. Goldstein’s evaluation of Wilson’s dental records from Molldrem and subsequent providers, while the initial diagnosis by Molldrem might have been accurate, the quality of treatment provided was severely lacking. Wilson’s oral condition, described as having decay on nearly every tooth, required a more cautious and deliberate approach, one that Dr. Goldstein claims was not achieved during the visit.

Dr. Goldstein criticized the attempt to address all of Wilson’s dental issues in a single extensive session, deeming it not only contrary to the indicated course of action but also practically impossible to accomplish effectively. Moreover, he highlighted the challenge of maintaining adequate anesthesia during such a prolonged appointment. Molldrem allegedly administered an excessive dosage—nearly double the recommended amount—of dental anesthetic to Wilson.

Following the dental ordeal, Wilson sought evaluation and treatment at the University of Minnesota Dental School for recurrent decay and other damages. Dr. Goldstein emphasized that if Wilson ultimately required the removal and replacement of all her teeth with implants, all the previous dental work and expenses would essentially be futile.

The ramifications extend beyond monetary concerns. Wilson claims to have endured physical pain, emotional distress, embarrassment, and disfigurement as a result of the ordeal. In her lawsuit, she is seeking damages totaling at least $50,000 to cover medical expenses and compensation for the suffering she has experienced.

The lawsuit, founded on alleged negligence and malpractice, paints a distressing picture of a routine dental visit gone awry, leaving Kathleen Wilson with enduring physical and emotional scars.

This post originally appeared on AP

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